Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oils DO Mix Together!

Oil Pastel & Baby Oil Technique


Oil Pastels (2 or 3 coordinating colors)
Baby Oil
Matte white cardstock
Cotton Balls
stamps & inks of choice


1)  Scribble 2 or 3 colors of Oil Pastels on white matte cardstock

2)  Squirt some baby oil on a cotton ball & swirl pastels to blend

3)  Let dry for a few minutes and overstamp with your choice of inks & stamps

A very simple technique that yields some lovely backgrounds in just a few minutes!

My sample shows 2 pieces....the background piece I did with a soaked cotton ball & plenty of baby oil
for a more muted result.  The foreground piece (with image stamped on it) used same amount of pastels
with very little baby oil for a more vibrant outcome.

Stamp credits:  verse by savvystamps and image by Northwoods Rubber

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