Monday, November 29, 2010

Pretty Packing Peanut Production

I had to make another birthday card for another grandchild
so I threw it together with a technique for you.
Directions are below:
Packing Peanut Pretties Technique


packing peanuts, any size or shape works
inks of choice
stamps of choice


1)  Ink side or bottom of packing peanut and stamp 

2)  finish as desired

That was a quick technique!  Packing peanuts come in all shapes and sizes, all textures and designs.
Put them to use as extra (don't forget FREE) stamps.  They take to most inks very well and if you have
enough of them you won't even need to clean them off...just toss!

I stamped with various primary colors with the packing peanuts, then overstamped
several images by The Angel Company and then a verse by Annette Watkins.

This is a quick sample to show you how this technique looks.  Different packing peanuts
will give dramatically different looks so experiment and have fun!!

1 comment:

Christine - Cndn Stamper said...

Try saying that 3 times fast...

Neat technique. I'd seen bubble wrap but not this. Will have to try. It makes great "waves" for an ocean scene.