Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Acrylic Meets Cuttlebug III

Here is yet another acrylic background. I promise this is my last one!
I did this one using dye reinkers and plain Elmer's Glue, smooshing it around and allowing to dry. I didn't get much color with this attempt, perhaps I used too much glue in my ratio?
I "solved" that problem by layering the acrylic piece over a printed background paper though. The pink stripes added some color and interest I think. I smudged the verse a bit but tacked on some flowers to hide it a little.....You could say this card is a total "dupe" card I guess. What you see isn't always the whole story.
Now that I have gotten this technique out of my system, I promise this is my last one.

Verse stamp is by Penny Black


Shirley said...

Connie, Your cards are really wonderful! I have been stopping by ever since I found your blog. I actually have get in a feed reader. Email me if you can. I would like to ask a question.

Anonymous said...

Do you mix the glue and re-inkers and then spread them on the acetate or do you mix them together on the acetate. I wasn't quite sure what you meant by you 'smooshed it around'. Love your blog - I've just recently found it!

Connie said...

To answer your question: I mix a blob of glue with a re-inker and spread it on the acrylic. I did several colors on this one but think I used a little too much glue in the ration since the colors were not too bright.