Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Acrylic Meets Cuttlebug II

I never did make it yesterday did I? Anywho this is another "Acrylic Meets Cuttlebug" done a little differently is all.
I slopped some dye reinkers on the backside of a piece of acrylic after I had run it through my Cuttlebug. Then I squirted some Future Floor Wax in the ink mix (or is that mess?) smushed it around with my finger until it looked interesting, let it dry and then mounted to a white panel & a yellow panel onto a red card.

Let me know via a reply post as to which one you like better....this one or the one from Sunday with alcohol reinkers & glue please. I think the floor wax/dye inks makes a much more vibrant outcome. I mounted both on white to keep them similar but now I can't decide....maybe that's why I did up a bunch more of these. This is addicting!!

Word stamp by PSX

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Bailey said...

I like this one. It's very stunning!
ND neighbor
Betty McCommon