Sunday, December 5, 2010

Waterfall Card

Above is a sample of a waterfall card I made that is closed.

Below is how it looks when open:

And here are the directions:

1)  Cut one pc. of cardstock to an A-2 size (this will be only a cardfront pc.)
2)  Cut another pc of cardstock slightly smaller to layer
3)  Cut a long strip (9 inches long & 2 inches wide) for the "waterfall"  Score this strip beginning 1 " from an end and score every 3/4 ".  You will have 4 folds that will hold your 1" squares (they will be adhered only along the fold portion of your strip)
4)  I cut squares of red that were 1 inch square and layered them with white sqs.
5)  cut a strip as wide as your cardfront and 3/4 inch high (this holds your "waterfall")

6)  stamp images, color as desired and layer onto strip.  stamp image or verse on the underneath portion of your strip if desired so it appears when the strip is pulled.
7)  Attach your "holder" strip with eyelets or brads or whatever you like at the bottom...this should line up with your bottom 1" sq.
8)  Add an eyelet and fibers for the "pull cord" at the bottom edge of your long strip.

It is really not as hard as you think.
Stamps used were by Stampin' Up, Printworks,
Stampsations, Amuse, savvystamps.

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