Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ripped Scenes

This card was done by ripping paper!

I stamped the scenic image (unknown) on 3 different 
colors of cardstock.  The outer color of
olive green is the bottom layer which I 
attached first.
The blue layer is above the olive and that layer
was torn along the outside edges and laid
on top of the olive...matching the scene.
The dark green layer is the top one and this
was torn a little more so the other
colors show.  All were attached matching the ink lines.

Here is another sample with stamps by
Magenta and Non Sequitur

When ripping your paper be sure to rip downward so the 
stamped image remains intact to be continued onto
your other papers.  You do not want
to rip the edges up as that will also remove
your stamping.

In this case the colored paper becomes your coloring "tool"

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