Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kaliedascope Technique

Today I am giving you a technique.  One you might not have tried, thinking it was too 
advanced.  Try again!  This is really not hard to do and you can easily get some
awesome results.
Basically your template will be a circle (think pie here) that you mark
out wedges & remove one wedge.  Easy peasy!!

My sample card uses images by Darcies and The Stamp Pad with the
leaf stamp beside my card to show you what it looked like.

1)  Make a copy of your template on plain typing paper, overhead transparency...anything thin and reusable is good.  The template is no more than a circle with equal pie shapes drawn on it and one of the "wedges" removed.  You may make it wth 4 wedges, 6 wedges, 8 or 12....whatever number you prefer.  Cut out and remove one of the wedges.

2)  Position your template on your stamping surface, make a faint dot to mark the center of the circle and adhere your template with a scrap of low-tack double-stick tape.

3)  Position your stamp over the open wedge of your template....DO NOT INK YET!  Mark 2 sides of your stamp onto the template with your pencil.  This will aid you in lining up your stamp with future stampings.

4)  Ink your stamp, line up the edges on the template and stamp the image.

5)  Lift the template, turn it just until a tiny bit of the last stamping shows, adhere it down again, lining up the pencil and stamp again.

6)  Repeat step 5 until entire circle has been stamped...carefully lining up the center pencil dot each and every time.

7)  Mat, color or embellish as desired.

This works well with verigated pads, can be stamped in one color and colored with markers later; Versamark and chalks work as long as you color with chalk before moving your template each time.

My samples are truly a beginner's try at this technique.  I somehow ended up with 2 extra wedges on one, but decided I liked it enough to use it after all.  This technique always seemed too involved for my taste before but I tried it, I liked it and will certainly do more.  Trust me!  This is very easy to do and does not take lots of time or trouble.

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