Friday, October 29, 2010

Back Online!

I was knocked off-line on Wednesday due to a an early winter storm here in South Dakota.
The winds were clocked at 62 mph (isn't that hurricane force?).  We got some snow but mostly rain.....2.5 inches of rain!!
Of course the heavy lines broke with the high winds buffeting them around.  They also blew out my modem so no internet when the power did come back.
I had the Geek Squad here today and they fixed most of my problems, but not all.  My Vonage phone connection and my wireless router both need to be replaced yet.
Soooo no art to post just yet.  I hope to get something ready for you this weekend so please check back.

1 comment:

jovialjudi said...

Sorry to hear about your weather related troubles Connie but glad you are ok!! Hope everything goes smoothly now! Hugs, Judi