Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This was done by laying a piece of mesh over white cardstock and 
brayering color over it.  Easy as it gets?
I put a strip of sequin waste across the center and
stuck my sentiment (by Custer's Last Stamp)
over that.
I cut out 2 busy little bees (by Stampin' Up!)
and attached some crinkly wire for antennae.
So what do you think?
Does it look like a honeycomb to you?

1 comment:

Bahb said...

It's about the "brayering color" part. It looks like you used more than one color, but the same intensity of both such that it doesn't look all blotchy like mine. And you're so crafty, using the bees and the sentiment and the 2 first I didn't get it, and then I smiled and wished you were my neighbor and would come over and have coffee with me this morning. Quirky minds are wonderful and rare. :-)