Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Back!!

I took a week off to watch my grandkids while their parents took a vacation.  I had uploaded a bunch of artwork to be posted while I was gone.  It went like clockwork at first.  Then things began going bad.
I came down with a really horrible cold right after getting home and could not seem to shake it.  I actually spent the next week in a daze, alternating between shivering and sweating....ugh.

Then we had a really bad snowstorm  that broke almost all the electric poles in the area, which shut off our electricity of course.  The lights would go off and on for many days before it all got working again.

There is more!  Seems a power surge wrecked my computer so a new one was gotten and it has been an uphill battle getting things to work again.  Seems one thing after another either quits or never worked in the first place.  My scanner is the thing I missed the most and of course couldn't post art without it.

Hoping all is good again and nothing else conks out.  Tomorrow bright and early I promise you some new artwork here.  That is a promise!

Connie....who is SO looking forward to spring....

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