Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scenic Stamping

This card was done by simply swiping an ink-filled brush across ultra-smooth paper, lifting up half-way across & turning the paper and repeating so the very center remains lighter. I built up my colors by starting with the lightest color first. The next (darker) color I lifted up a little bit sooner and so on. Then I overstamped the images for my scene in black. My good friend, Karen Wallace, showed me the way to do this technique. The trick to this is to keep a very light touch with your brush....colors can be added easily, but hard to erase when you get too much color.

By varying your colors you can make a wide array of scenic art or just fantastic backgrounds. A little tip: they don't look too promising until you put your scenic stamps in...

Stamps used were by Northwoods Rubber and Stampscapes.

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FireCracker082 said...

wow! what a beauty! looks like the sky is on fire...gorgeous colors!