Friday, June 20, 2008

Faux Suede Technique

This technique imitates the look & feel of suede.
Squirt some Liquid Applique onto glossy cardstock and using your brayer, smoosh it around until covered.  Quickly dunk your brayer into a bowl of clean water before the LA drys or you'll never get it clean again.
Now heat with your heat tool until LA "fuzzes".
Use this for backgrounds or stamp an image and cut it out.  Easy huh?
If you used yellow you could stamp a chick; white could be a sheep or maybe green could turn into grass?  Endless possibilities with this one. Stamp is by Stampin' Up!

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Phyllis610 said...

Connie, Candy O and I were going to try this technique twice now and didn't have the directions. Thanks so much for posting them. Next time we get together we difinately will try it. Love your hair! Love, Phyllis McKay