Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Die Storage TIP

I've been working on storing my dies into some sort of order where I can find what I want easily and grab it.
I tried keeping my dies in original packaging standing in a tired of rifling thru all the dies when I wanted one and not knowing what was where etc.
Then I tried the notebook idea.  That began with good ideas but the notebooks got too heavy and dies
kept falling out of place etc.  Again hard to grab and go.

Below is my latest method of storing the many dies I have been "enabled" into buying:

I am putting each die into a ziplock bag sorted to size of die with a label specifying which die and how many (in case one goes AWOL).  I hang them on a wall storage thing-y by Clip-It-Up that works well.
I use the small swivel clips for the Clip-It-Up as they allow me to rotate and rifle as much as my heart desires and removal is easy.
I sorted the dies and made some dividers by cutting heavy card stock into tag shapes, punching a hole in top center and cutting a slot one one side to the hole for placement.  I added a small label specifying die types so I can find what I want quickly without digging.
This method is working for me so far and takes little wall space.  I love it mmuch more than the heavy awkward binder method I had been using!
I hope someone can use my ideas and maybe build on them into something even better!!

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Susan Hogan said...

Wow, what a fabulous idea - sure beats the shoebox idea I have for storage!