Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wahhh!! Help?

I tried editing my background by Shabbyblogs and now I have this ugly black void all over....
Does anyone know how I can fix this please?
I tried copy/paste but it keeps me "in the black" no matter what.......

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Sande said...


Shabbyblogs has been having issues. Not sure if they got then fixed or not. It looks like the background you have has been deleted from their Photobucket account. Try going back to their website and get the code again.

I see your using Designer Template. To get rid of the black, set the background to transparent. You can do the same to the posting area if you don't want them gray. You always missing your header but that would go in the header gadget.

Hope that helps...I'll stop back in the morning in case you need help...or you can email me.