Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*Technique* Bogus Bows

Today I have 2 cards for you.  
They both use a bow, only difference is the size of the ribbon.
The difference with this bow is that it is 
attached very well
no lumps, lies flat for mailing.

The directions are below:

1)  Punch 2 holes (sized to your ribbon width) fairly close to each other
2)  Put your ribbon through the holes going from front to back
3)  Cross the ribbon ends in the back, bringing the ends up through
to the front.  You can stop here for the same-old-same-old bow OR
you can keep going to make a knock-out Bogus Bow:
4)  Put the ends of the ribbon back through not cross it over...put them 
through the same side they are coming out of.  Do NOT pull tight!  Put your finger
in the fold to make a loop.  Do this on each side.
5)  Now you can cross the ends in the back and pull the ends through to the
front and cut them to suit.

and the first card is below (using the smaller 1/4" ribbon)

and here is a card using a larger 5/8" sheer ribbon:

The floral stamp used on both cards is by Magenta
with rub ons used on the purple card.

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