Saturday, December 11, 2010

MFP Sunshine

This card is a sort of comedy of errors if you will.
Stamps used are from Mark's Finest Papers, from
their new "Hello Sunshine" set in fact, the same set
featured in the MFP blog hop this week.

I had made the card figuring on posting it for the hop only to see
that in my zest for brushing away what I thought were some tiny 
specks of embossing powder before heating...that I had
in fact erased the sun's tiny eyebrows!  After putting it 
together anyway I spotted a dent in the paper.
How on earth a dent got there is beyond me but there it was!

Why I went ahead and used it anyway is that my
design team package arrived today from MFP and inside (among some
nifty stamps for a future blog hop) was this cute little sun charm and some lovely
golden cording.  I pried up an edge and slid a piece of the cording thru 
and threaded the charm on then tied a bow.  Finished!

and most likely if I had not told you all this you would never have known there were
numerous goofs would you?
Oh yes, everything used is available at Marks Finest Papers.

Thanks for looking!

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