Monday, August 23, 2010

My Airbrush Debut!

I just got my air compressor for airbrushing with my Copic markers and this card is what happened:

I know it's simple, well maybe "stark" would be a better word?
But hey it's my first ever attempt with this and I feel pretty good that I did not toss out 
my initial try.

After stamping the tree (Rubber Stamp Plantation) I masked a
circle for my sun and also masked off the bottom portion for a clear line between sky and sea.
So okay maybe the sky is off somewhat, but I doubt I am ready to brush rays just yet.

Removing the mask at the bottom and turning so it covered the sky area, I brushed 
for the sea.  The black ribbon is to cover up this small line of white that got missed.

I used the punch-out paper for a reverse mask for the sun so I could try giving it some tones.
I think the sun itself came out the best,  Do you think so?
The verse is by Eureka Stamps.

Please tell me what you think?


Markie's Mom said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Connie, it's BRILLIANT!!!

wendyp said...

very pretty!!!

Rubber Stamp Plantation said...

Yes the card does look very nice. Keep up the good work!