Thursday, December 24, 2009

Elemental Doodles Easel Card

This Easel card uses all Elemental Doodles images

Cut one pc of cardstock to the following dimensions:
4" by 8.5"
and another pc to:
4" by 4.5"
Score and fold the long pc in half and then score and fold one end in half.
The smaller pc will be the front and may be decorated as you like.  This will be attached to the long pc. at the top end (2 1/8" by 4")
Below is a side view of the finished card so you can see how the pcs. go together and how it works:

The base front (where my sentiment is) will need an embellishment or brad etc to hold the rest of it upright.  That can be 1 or 2 inches from the bottom edge-where it is needed to hold the card in the chosen position when open.
I hope my directions are clear enough for you to give this a try.  It really is much simpler than it sounds!

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