Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stamping Safari

I'm not sure if this looks like the giraffes are standing on clouds or on a savannah?  I just know it was quick and easy to do the background for this scenic card.

I tore a piece of paper and pounced powdered chalks of different colors with a sponge, moved the paper and pounced more etc.  Then I overstamped the image (by Embossing Arts) and colored it with markers.

A scenic card in no time flat!


Alex said...

I love it!!! So, actual chalks? not chalk ink. I haven't pulled out my chalks in forever. You are inspiring me!!

Anonymous said...

And you just HAPPENED to pounce harder where those mountains are way in the background, when you hadn't even stamped the image yet?

My oh my, you're talented! And I love the stamps you choose, especially because most of them are gender-neutral.