Sunday, August 30, 2009


This card simulates reptile skin on the background.  Depending on the color you start with, you can get a fairly accurate elephant hide look or even a rattlesnake skin.
Dab, smoosh or DTP some co-ordinating pigment colors on a glossy panel and sprinkle clear EP over the entire piece.  Using a toothpick, a needle or something other, "draw" lines across the EP.  This removes the clear EP.  Then go ahead and heat emboss your panel.  See how my "lines" appear different?
I layered some black, some grey, along with an image by picture show to finish it off.

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Anonymous said...

You make the technique sound so simple, but I know it takes a real-artist gene to put the "some black and some grey" in exactly the right spots and exactly the right intensity for each spot.
LOVE this card!!!!!