Friday, November 21, 2008

Camouflage Christmas aka Blogstravaganza

I love this TJN technique "Camouflage Oct '08". I get different results with every different paper I use! This card resulted from a dark green paper, yielding yellows and tans for variations. Actually the hardest part was getting those nasty staples in the right I can see I need more practice with that.

I used a cute stamp by VAP. I stamped it several times on different colored paper and cut out the image portions in same-size blocks which were glued above the sentiment. This dressed up an otherwise drab stamp.

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kc_froglady said...

this turned out really nice :) It is fun to also use "puff" on the stamp where you would find it on the hat and muffs and such! I am glad you are enjoying it!

Becky said...

Love the camouflage technique, although I need lots of practice. Very cute card.